Are you concerned about you or a loved one becoming a victim online?

If so, sign up for one of the ‘Staying Safe Online’ workshops in your area. There is no better opportunity to learn everything you need to about hacking, viruses, online scams, and how to keep yourself safe on the Internet.

Each ‘Staying Safe Online’ workshop is a six-part course on how to stay safe on the Internet and avoid becoming a victim of online criminals or hackers. The workshop covers topics such as viruses, hacking, identifying vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity, recognizing and avoiding common scams, and keeping your personal information secure. The workshop takes place on six separate days with a one-hour lesson on each day. Workshops are offered at community centers and assisted living locations near you.

$250 for enrollment in the six-part workshop.

Upcoming and ongoing workshops:

Oh, no! It looks like there are not any ‘Staying Safe Online’ workshops available right now. Make sure to check back soon or consider one-on-one lessons on cybersecurity with one of our trained instructors.