One-on-one Computer Skills lesson:

Personalized instruction to fit your needs and help you meet your computer goals. One of our trained and experienced instructors will work with you and walk you through step-by-step how to accomplish any task you wish on a computer or the Internet. Whether you want to need to brush up on Powerpoint for work or can’t tell a computer mouse from a field mouse, our instructors are here to help.

Popular topics include:

SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATE of $50 for first 90-minute lesson

$65 for each subsequent 90-minute lesson

Staying Safe Online’ Workshop:

Enroll in a six-part course on how you can stay safe online and avoid becoming a victim of online criminals or hackers. The workshop covers topics such as viruses, hacking, identifying vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity, recognizing and avoiding common scams, and keeping your personal information secure. The workshop takes place on six separate days with a one-hour lesson on each day. Workshops are offered at community centers and assisted living locations near you.

$250 for enrollment in the six-part workshop.

Computer Anonymity Services:

Worried about hackers, foreign spies, Big Tech, or our own government having access to your computer? If so, one of our experienced and professional technicians is available to service your personal computer and outfit it with the latest in cutting edge anonymity programs and protocols. Our upgrades will provided protection and anonymity from all but the most determined snoopers.

$50 for anonymizing a single computer

$10 for laminated ‘quick-fixes’ troubleshooting sheet